All You Naysayer's Here's Your Interactivity!! - 7 Wonders: Babel Review

7 Wonders Babel is the expansion I was waiting for all last year! 2014 was a year of solid expansions across the board. We saw additions to some already great titles like Eldritch Horror and Terra Mystica. However those games for the most part were good enough already and the expansions were just icing on the cake. However, I felt that 7 Wonders was overdue something new! It’s a solid game already and one of my favourites, but simply sticking in more cards isn’t enough, it needed something more, something new!

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Unfortunately Spock Is Not Present Here - AtS Ambassadors/Promo Expansions Review

Well you've seen my review of Among The Stars............what, you haven't? Then go read it now, I'm not just writing for my own personal viewing! Now we have the two expansions for this game, Ambassadors and Promos (which I believe has been renamed to Expanding The Alliance since the Kickstarter).

Both add more locations, conflict sets and races, but there are key differences between the two. The first adds the Ambassadors which are a new card type that you can bring in to your space station that have unique special abilities or scoring opportunities. Expanding the Alliance has the components to add a 5th and 6th player to the game, something I'm always scared of when publishers add this to games.

So if you're reading this review, presumably you are already partially keen on or already own and like Among The Stars - but do these expansions improve the game or can you do without?

"Still that great artwork, though my vote goes to the second one"

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The Broken Meeple - 26 - Moving Forward

Happy New Year! This episode is dedicated to looking forward in 2015! I have big news about a new podcast in trial stage and I have many predictions over what's to come in 2015. Finally I end with my Top 10 Tips for Game Publishers - if only they take note!

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The Order of Dan Podcast - COMING SOON!!

The page is a work in progress, but give it time! However this is what the big development is! As you know I've been doing guest reviews as part of the GamesQuest team, the equivalent online version of our FLGS. Well as well as putting out a lot of content in terms of articles and reviews (that you've seen me linking to) we are now trial running a new podcast!

The Order of Dan (don't ask about the name!) will feature several of us ranting and raving about board game topics of all kinds. Those of you who listen to my podcast will know that my blog is a solo effort. This will feature a group of us bouncing on and off each other, each with our own distinct personalities. We've just finished recording the pilot episode which was huge fun and I look forward to seeing how this turns out in the long run. We're hoping we can make this a bi-weekly affair or at the very least a monthly one.

So I ask the fans, please like the Facebook page and tune in soon when we release our pilot episode, naturally I'll link to it here and on The Broken Meeple itself. More to come soon!

The Order of Dan Podcast


7 Wonders.........IN SPACE!! - Among The Stars Review

I love 7 Wonders. It's one of my favourite games to play, a contender for my Top 20 of all time. . . . . . I really must consider doing a Top 50 some time in 2015, maybe I will during the quieter seasons. Right now it's January and for a Chartered Tax Accountant . . . . . .  . yeah well you know the score and I'm blabbing now.

7 Wonders was a great experience of the ever popular drafting mechanic - a relatively simple civilization building game which could take up to 7 players and still finish in less than an hour allowing for repeated plays in one game night. The expansions only made the game better and better, especially the new Babel one for which you can check out my review on Games Quest very soon.

Among the Stars came out of nowhere for me and aimed to take what 7 Wonders did, but introduce further complexity, a space theme and a necessity to consider not only what cards you play but also where you play them. Sounded very promising to me at the time so I invested in the second edition Kickstarter with a bunch of extras and I've long been overdue for getting a review out. Now I own both current expansions for this game (Ambassadors & Promos) but I believe they are worth giving a separate review so here I'm going to concentrate on the base game only and give my opinion on how it stands up by itself.

"If you think the cover looks good, you ain't seen nothing yet"

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Hyper 4X Cube Building - Hyperborea Review

Deck building – it’s a genre that every gamer knows about and when we think of deck-building we naturally picture a bunch of cards, endless shuffling, and for the most part, the same old style of play! Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the genre (LegendaryArctic ScavengersDominionMythotopia to name a few), but it’s losing its innovation and it needs a fresh kicking to bring something new to the playing field.
Some games have done this by changing the “deck” that is being built to a different medium such as dice and so far it’s proving effective, what with the original success of Quarriors and now the very entertaining Marvel Dice Masters. The change of components from cards to dice allows for some interesting mechanics. In Hyperborea we see another twist as we build our bags of cubes! Each colour represents a different type of action that you use throughout the game. Very few games, to my knowledge, use this and now we’ll see whether it fills a niche while offering a fun experience.

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