Looking for Civilization-Lite? - Imperial Settlers Review!

I really enjoy a good civilization game, but the problem is that they tend to be very long and complex. This means it’s difficult to get them to the table or find the players that are comfortable with them.
Through The Ages had to leave my collection due to its insane length and complexity – and Nations its replacement is also a long one. I really like Sid Meier’s Civilization - but again, long and involved. I hope to acquire it soon from my brother who can’t play it back home, yay! I don’t own Clash of Cultures but, again, it’s enjoyable and of course, lengthy.
Now, there aren’t many light civilization games that can be played in a quicker time than the ones I’ve already mentioned. But I guess “light” isn’t something we associate with a civilization game.
However, designer, Ignacy Trzewicek, the man behind Robinson Crusoe claims to have pulled it off with Imperial Settlers which was a huge hit at Essen 2014. My first play of Robinson left me a little disappointed, but after a while I tried it again, solo, and I started noticing qualities within the game - in fact I now actually enjoy it. So I figured “well the last Portal/Ignacy title worked well, so there’s high hopes for another success!

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