You Want Me To Draw On My Game? - Doodle City Review

Sometimes reviewers get a game that is far out of our comfort zone. It could be a game that’s so brain-melting it hurts to play it, an epic marathon of a game that’s hard to get to the table, or even just a simple kids game that you wouldn’t normally play unless you actually have kids.
Well, with Doodle City, I definitely fit in that last category! Check out my full review on Games Quest! 


The Broken Meeple - 25 - The Xmas Special

Xmas time is here and even though I'm a bit of a Xmas humbug, I thought I'd tailor this episode to small games. First impressions are the definition of hit and miss with Get Bit and Monopoly Deal Card Game and if you need some last minute gift ideas or something to spend your money on following the holidays, then check out my Top 10 Stocking Stuffer Games.


Looking for Civilization-Lite? - Imperial Settlers Review!

I really enjoy a good civilization game, but the problem is that they tend to be very long and complex. This means it’s difficult to get them to the table or find the players that are comfortable with them.
Through The Ages had to leave my collection due to its insane length and complexity – and Nations its replacement is also a long one. I really like Sid Meier’s Civilization - but again, long and involved. I hope to acquire it soon from my brother who can’t play it back home, yay! I don’t own Clash of Cultures but, again, it’s enjoyable and of course, lengthy.
Now, there aren’t many light civilization games that can be played in a quicker time than the ones I’ve already mentioned. But I guess “light” isn’t something we associate with a civilization game.
However, designer, Ignacy Trzewicek, the man behind Robinson Crusoe claims to have pulled it off with Imperial Settlers which was a huge hit at Essen 2014. My first play of Robinson left me a little disappointed, but after a while I tried it again, solo, and I started noticing qualities within the game - in fact I now actually enjoy it. So I figured “well the last Portal/Ignacy title worked well, so there’s high hopes for another success!

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Equal Opportunity Smackdown - King of New York Review

King of Tokyo............ahhhhh King of Tokyo, how we love thee! Well maybe love is a strong word, I do really enjoy the game, but "love"? Maybe not. It's really good and great fun, though when you throw in the expansions it can take a while to get through with lots of players (see my review). My biggest pet peeve with the game however is that it's possible to sit back outside of Tokyo and just win by hoarding destruction points (I prefer to call them fan loyalty points) which is a fairly boring way to play.

The "Power Up" expansion confounds this by having lots of turns where people just sit back, put their feet up and roll for evolutions. The evolutions are cool and all, but as time has moved on, it doesn't feel like the smackdown that I enjoy about monster movies in general...........and don't get me started on that recent Godzilla trash!

So now we have King of New York, essentially a revision of the original with some tweaks to the rules, but still retaining the same mechanics - roll dice in Yahtzee style, get the symbols you want, beat up the other monsters, win the game. Many would worry that this is so similar to King of Tokyo that it's not worth having both and is merely a cash-grab. Newcomers to the franchise will be confused as to which one to buy. Cult of the old or new? Let's check it out!

"You had me at the sight of a fish hurling a boat on a chain!"

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