Cessation of YouTube Video Production - For Now At Least!

Hi guys, life has gotten very busy now for me and as such I have to make a decision as what to cull from my life to make way for more important priorities. It is with some regret that I must now cease producing videos for YouTube as the work involved is incredibly time consuming and no longer feasible in my routine.

So for the foreseeable future, videos on this channel will cease so that I can concentrate more on the podcast and written reviews. When time frees up, or if it frees up, I hope to perhaps do some video reviews on board gaming apps, something that doesn't require me to take forever to set up a home studio of video equipment in a small flat which is time consuming and difficult. There is a reason why some YouTuber's in this industry do it as a day job.

But the future is still bright. My podcast is still going on and I hope to be one of the new members of Whose Podcast which is run by Robin Lees (@RMBLees) which will be a welcome change and in the case of written reviews, I'll still be doing mine, but I'm now guest blogging on Club Fantasci and am in negotiations to guest blog on Games Quest as well. 

I'm hoping that I'll be able to cope with this a lot better than video reviews. I apologise if you're disappointed, but I feel that this is the best way to go.

Enjoy what's on the channel to date, and who knows maybe you'll see my face there again!