He Turned It Sideways! Kill Shot! That's A Kill Shot! - Cash & Guns 2nd Edition Review

It's been a while since I reviewed a party game and it's dawned on me that I really don't own enough party games in my collection, yet I enjoy them a great deal. This will be something I intend to rectify as there are some classics out there and it's easier to teach them to friends of mine who aren't big gamers.

Now this is a game I've wanted to give a try for a long time but it was never around in my area and then it went out of print. But now we have the 2nd Edition, all brand new and shiny . . . . . well as shiny as black foam guns can get I suppose. Now some will argue that this isn't a party game and in all fairness I can see where you're coming from, but in my humble opinion I feel that this game is crazy and laugh-filled enough that it meets the criteria.

So was it worth the wait and does it play well? Time to find out, but as a side disclaimer I will not be going into the differences between the first and second edition as I've not played the first one. But I'll likely be right in assuming that if you own the first one, you won't be too desperate to pick up the revised version so I'm talking from the perspective of a brand new player to Cash and Guns.

"Despite the theme of shooting each other, you can tell this is meant to be taken VERY lightly"

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Episode 22 - The Re-Theme Of The Broken Meeple

I'm back and to kick start the second year of The Broken Meeple we have a re-theming of the musical interludes! However we also have some changes happening to the way the blog will continue and I'll discuss those here.
There's a lot happening in this episode! I give my first impressions of Sons of Anarchy, Dead of Winter, Carcassonne South Seas and The Manhattan Project as well as future gaming news. And then after a quick rant on how gamers over-react to controversial themes in board game, I give my Top 10 Themes/Types in board games.

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Cessation of YouTube Video Production - For Now At Least!

Hi guys, life has gotten very busy now for me and as such I have to make a decision as what to cull from my life to make way for more important priorities. It is with some regret that I must now cease producing videos for YouTube as the work involved is incredibly time consuming and no longer feasible in my routine.

So for the foreseeable future, videos on this channel will cease so that I can concentrate more on the podcast and written reviews. When time frees up, or if it frees up, I hope to perhaps do some video reviews on board gaming apps, something that doesn't require me to take forever to set up a home studio of video equipment in a small flat which is time consuming and difficult. There is a reason why some YouTuber's in this industry do it as a day job.

But the future is still bright. My podcast is still going on and I hope to be one of the new members of Whose Podcast which is run by Robin Lees (@RMBLees) which will be a welcome change and in the case of written reviews, I'll still be doing mine, but I'm now guest blogging on Club Fantasci and am in negotiations to guest blog on Games Quest as well. 

I'm hoping that I'll be able to cope with this a lot better than video reviews. I apologise if you're disappointed, but I feel that this is the best way to go.

Enjoy what's on the channel to date, and who knows maybe you'll see my face there again!


Phenomenal Cosmic Power, Itty Bitty Living Space - Five Tribes Review

Hype is something to be careful of when buying a board game, or really anything for that matter. Many a time a product will fail to live up to its hype. Take Destiny for example, the recent game just released for consoles. It had movie trailers, previews, BETA's the works and everyone has been so hyped for that game it's unbelievable. And now it's out, what exactly is it? Just Halo 2.0? Wow, what a disappointment. So much for innovation.

Board games have done this too, but where as something like a movie or computer game tends to affect the majority of customers, a board game tends to be more subjective among players. Dead of Winter got a ton of hype over its theme and semi-cooperative experience, but when I played it, I thought it was "ok" at best. Prefer it to BSG, but some issues I had with the design/theme would stop me rating it above a 7.

Of course this is all just opinion, but nowadays as a result I've learned to not get sucked into the hype whenever possible. It's not always an easy thing to do (looking at you Alien Isolation), but at least it allows you to keep an open mind when playing the game.

Now here we have Five Tribes, another game that also gained a lot of hype as it was made by Days of Wonder who always bling their games with stellar components, yet was a game that boasted about being very tactical for the "gamer" without being too complicated. Sounds like a good combination as Spyrium had that quality though obviously Days of Wonder take the component trophy in a fight. So how does it hold up in the world of Euro games?

"Just call it Five Tribes, life is much easier that way"

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