Solo Games Have Their Place - Friday Review

Some people scoff at solitaire games claiming they are very boring or don't have the fun and excitement that player interaction brings to the table. Now that's a fair argument, one of the best things about board gaming is the interaction with other players with a drink in hand having a good time. But I wouldn't never scoff at solo games.

For a long time I was single, I'm not now, but both of us like our own space from time to time. During the single day's there would be a lot of times when I'd be in the flat chilling out, but wanting to play a board game. Now if friends were available for a game, great, but you can't always expect that in this day and age what with family commitments, long working hours and just generally a lack of time available. So you can do something else, or you can pull out a game that you can play solo.

I personally love a good solo game. You retain the cool tactile feeling of handling all the components, seeing the game laid out and engaging yourself in the tactics and strategy it provides. It's like those self improvement puzzles that test your IQ or memory skills or even something simple like Sudoku that tests your logic and arithmetic skills. Games can provide that level of skill improvement as well like a good teaching tool and no-one is going to dispute with me that theme is more present in a board game then in a crossword puzzle.

Now of course, not every game deserves a solo mode. Euro games have a regular habit of introducing solo variants which do a better job of teaching you the game mechanics then they do actually providing a fun experience, but there are exceptions to this rule. Co-Op's from experience provide me with the best solo plays because rather than simply aiming for high points, you're fighting to beat the game itself. Sentinels of the Multiverse and Lord of the Rings LCG especially have been sucking up my time lately with solo ventures.

But here we have a game that's designed to be played solo and only solo. Not many of those exist to my knowledge in modern board games, I can only think of Onirim which is another game I want to try, but even that can technically be played with two players, this one is solo only. Does the concept work and is this a game you should consider for those long, lonely nights?

"The artwork is very cartoon like which at first was a little off-putting"

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Episode 21 - 1 Year Anniversary Special!

It's been a year since The Broken Meeple grew some legs and got going in the board gaming world. Granted there have been some bumps along the way and probably still a few now, but I'm very proud of how things have progressed to date.
In this episode, I give my first impressions of Lost Legacy: The Starship and Trains, recall some recent news, discuss how to teach new players how to play games and finally answer the big one: - MY TOP TEN BOARD GAMES!

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Venturing Into Controversial Territory - Freedom The Underground Railroad Review

This has been the new hotness in recent months, a Co-Operative game that tastes a very taboo topic from American history and puts it into a box for your to play. People were skeptical that such a game would work as the theme ran the risk of possibly insulting a lot of gamers if it wasn't handled properly.

However it's getting all the praise now with all sorts of awards and at The Dice Tower it gained a lot of awards recently in several categories. Unfortunately I'm only a new member into the Dice Tower Network so I didn't get to join in the voting council, but give it time, we all have to start somewhere.

Now I was torn about acquiring this game for review purposes. On the one side I love co-operative games, it is my favourite genre and many people already know this about me. On the other flip side however, I'm not a history buff and/or fan. It was one of my least enjoyed subjects at school and I got shot of it the first chance that the lesson format allowed for it. I'm very much a man of the present and the future and tend to ignore the past, it's done and dusted, move on, build a bridge, walk over it. That's just how I roll and I have many sides.

Twilight Struggle is regarded as the #1 game on BGG and after playing that, I wasn't drawn into it as much as everyone else because I didn't really have an interest in the historical theme, nor did I understand what any card in the game was meant to represent, because you had to stare at the rulebook to find out, slowing the game down which was already too long for a two player game. So will Freedom just be another Twilight Struggle disappointment or will it bring enough to the table to make it in my collection as the first historically accurate board game?

"Good quality cover, you know as you look at it that this isn't going to be a laugh-out-loud kind of game"

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Recovering From Burnout!

Hi guys! Sorry for lack of content, I've been very busy and hit burnout with my workload recently, not just with blogging but mainly from my day job as a Chartered Accountant and Tax Advisor. I'm now on two weeks leave from work and I rarely ever take extended leave so this is a big deal for me and for the first part (today until Mon 11th) I'm on holiday camping with my new girlfriend so I'm going to take a much needed rest and rejuvenate myself! Normal service will resume upon my return! Thank you for your patience and have fun gaming! 

Upon my return, you can look forward to my written review of Freedom The Underground Railroad, a video review of One Night Werewolf and my next podcast episode