The UK Games Expo 2014 - Photos

The UK Games Expo was great fun and I can't wait to go next year, albeit with the provision that I don't participate in any tournaments that take longer than 3 hours and certainly not take 8 hours. More on that in the upcoming podcast special on the expo experience. For now though here's a bunch of photos I took while I was there. Shame my new Xperia Z2 phone didn't arrive in the post before I went as the photos would have been a lot better.

And apologies that photo updates weren't more common during the Expo, but unfortunately the hotel had ZERO internet signal in the gaming rooms meaning the only time I could get any signal was in my room when I was going to sleep!
A talented Doctor Who look-alike and two daleks, one of which was on remote control and spoke! I WANT ONE!! 

 Resistance: Avalon - I got my Assassin target wrong :-(

 Rampage - silly, silly fun!

These guys I was teaching had no idea what they were letting themselves in for, but they got into the game! 

 A lot more fun than the movie!

The Cosplay was top-notch - some real effort was put in across the board! 

 Jumbo Attack Wing

 Ah this is a little more busy - and I can't join in because I'm waiting for a Netrunner tournament that's going to suck up my ENTIRE day!!

 My miniature wargaming days are long behind me!

 7 Wonders with 7 players including two newbies. This is the first time I've played with 7 players and it does actually go very quickly! We got two great games in of this. 

A kind present from a friend - a re-theme of Werewolf. I look forward to trying it out and giving it a fair review. 

Flashpoint Fire Rescue - I still love this game and I got to try out the Apartment block. We died literally at the very end it was so gutting! But I was teaching 3 new players and they loved it.  

 Tiddles!!!! NOOOOOOOO! My first loss of the cat!

 Niche by Hopwood Games - quick, easy light filler


 Many trade halls and demo setups - I spent most of my Sunday here!

 The Hive stall - I'd been meaning to try this game for AGES and I liked it from the off. Hive Pocket now makes my collection!

 Couldn't find a time to get that kid to stand still. The Bring & Buy sale which was great, but also hell! It grew FAR too popular for the room it was in.

 I also want one of those lightsabers!!

Lords of War - I really enjoyed this and won in the end, but I'd already just purchased Summoner Wars and even though there are differences, it feels similar.