Cessation of Unboxing Videos on YouTube

After much deliberation I have decided that Unboxing videos on my YouTube channel will now cease They may be easy to shoot and quick to edit, but they still take up my time, which should be spent making content you, the subscribers want to watch, which seems to be the reviews, but I've also had requests for more How 2 Play videos. Therefore I shall focus on reviews and play-throughs and hope to significantly improve on the latter.

Another reason for the decision is that I tend to have to shoot my videos in bulk. Holding on to games and not being able to open and check them out and play them because of having to shoot an unboxing video is grating me a bit - I just want to play games and teach people about them! Who doesn't? :P 

Lord of the Rings LCG will be my last unboxing video on the channel which is being uploaded now.

So there you go. That's my reasoning behind it and hopefully this will be a boost for my channel for the foreseeable future. I thank all of you for subscribing to my channel and hope that this decision will help the channel to grow.