See You At The UK GAMES EXPO!!

As many of your board gaming fanatics are aware, this weekend is the UK GAMES EXPO being held in Birmingham from Friday to Sunday. 

When I got back into board gaming in a serious way, I was a week off the last Expo and so couldn't attend it - I'm not making up for it this year by attending all 3 days and I'm even driving up on Thursday afternoon so I can meet some Twitter folk ahead of time, catch a swim in the hotel and settle in (not to mention get a decent night's sleep before all the mayhem begins). 

As a result blog and YouTube activity will be non-existent until I return, but content is planned for then and my next podcast episode will be devoted to my experiences at the Expo. However keep an eye on my Facebook page and particularly to my Twitter account where I'll post up comments and occasional photos of the event when possible - shame I didn't have my new phone delivered in time for it so I have to make do with what I've got! 

As for those of you going to the Expo, send me a message on Twitter or Facebook and I hope to play some games with you soon. On some of the days, look out for me in a Broken Meeple T-Shirt as well. 

Signing off for now, got to carry on with work until it's time for me to drive up! Look forward to gaming with some of you soon!