Southampton On Board - 3 March 2014 - Heart Attacks, Epic Scales and Pasted Themes

Not so much going on tonight! Not because of a lack of players, but because the two main games got a lot of spot requests from the others. Graham had brought along Rex, which is the reprint of Dune but set in the Twilight Imperium universe, a game I really want to try. But as I might be getting a game of this on Sunday with any luck, I opted out to host a Lords of Waterdeep game as after doing my recent Top 10 Worker Placement Games list, I developed an itch to get this played more.
Things got off to a bad start though when Jacobs clumsiness resulted in a Coke spillage that caught my camera case and part of the box of Lords of Waterdeep, which caused me to suffer multiple heart attacks in the space of 5 seconds. Luckily my camera was in it's case so that came out unscathed and thankfully publishers are getting good at making boxes that resist moisture for a brief period. The box didn't stain and a quick dry revealed no sign of "softness" bar a titchy corner bit. . . . . Phew! I collect my games as well as play them and even though you can't avoid wear and tear on board games (seriously if you carry them in bags and play them a lot you're going to notice corner scuffs etc.), it's a pain to deal with.
My fellow players had only played Lords of Waterdeep once before but enjoyed the game. None had seen what the Scoundrels of Skullport expansion can do so they were obviously missing out and I had to show them the light - this is one of the key essential expansions that should be bought for a game, it adds more variety and a cool Corruption mechanic to vastly improve the longevity of this game.

It didn't take long to explain the new rules and that's one of the beauties of the expansion. You've got two little boards with extra action spaces - no major rules change there - and you've got the corruption mechanic which is pretty straightforward in itself. This was probably the first game I'd seen where everyone went nuts for corruption. We almost reached the -9 threshold and then suddenly everyone started repenting for their sins, but we still ended up around the -5 mark. One player was very odd, he nearly had 10 corruption tokens at one point making us believe he was the most evil Lord ever, but then grabbed more of his Piety quests and almost got rid of them all by the end of the game - talk about a pious revelation.

This was an all-time record for me though, finishing on a victory with 220 points. Never have I seen the 200 mark be breached, so this will be a game to remember. It was quite convenient with the objective I had of completing Warfare and Skullduggery quests as I was able to set up an engine with the buildings in which I gain extra fighters and also the owner bonuses for using my own. This meant I had times where I could gain 8 meeples and money from one action space - eventually I had so many that I was donating 3 a turn to the new building that converts meeples into victory points (which co-incidentally I also owned!). It was a truly horrific combo.

A very fun game and everyone shared the opinion that the expansion really improves the game - looks like Lords of Waterdeep will see more action at the club, which I'm not going to complain about!

Rex continued on for a short while longer, but with 6 players that's no surprise. I'm hoping to get this played on Sunday however that depends on how exhausted we are after playing Twilight Imperium 3 - my first game, CANNOT WAIT!! Generally I think the opinions were good so Rex will also hit my wishlist for games I need to play.

There wasn't much more left to the night after that so I introduced Bang: The Dice Game to those who stayed behind and managed to get a couple of games in the last twenty minutes of the night. That's 8 plays of that game already and it's proving popular. Goes to show that filler games are usually the most cost efficient games you can possibly buy.

A shorter report for this week - not so many games played, but two very epic games and both good games. Next Monday there's a good chance I'll be introducing Nations to the club - my attempt at getting a quality Civilization game in my collection, however I accidently lost some willpower and bidded on a new copy of Through The Ages which I won, so which will take the top spot I wonder?