Video Review - Sentinels of the Multiverse

Right we're back on a decent schedule now! Here's my next review! Sentinels of the Multiverse Enhanced Edition - the game of comic book super hero fun!

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Portsmouth On Board - 26 March 2014 - Dinosaur Pirates, Renegades and Nuggets Of Purest Green!

Lately I've been having many games nights where due to late starts or playing epic games I've been unable to play more than one game in a night, or at least more than one memorable game. Portsmouth On Board has come to my rescue by giving me an evening where not only did I get to play some of my favourite games in my collection, I got to play MULTIPLE games. So refreshing!

After clearing my sore throat out from the sickness that arose in it when I discovered Kingdom Builder was being set up I got a 3 player game of Spyrium going with Graham and Jim. Only one new player in the mix so rules teaching was easy and quick. I am used to playing this game with 4 or 5 players and I usually don't recommend playing it with 5. You get a lot of meeples surrounding the market and money is a little easier to come by (but by no means easy, it's a tight resource). With 3 players I was expecting less money to be around. BOY was I right in that assumption. Coupled with the fact that obtaining money is harder with less players, we had two rounds where little to no events or buildings that help to acquire workers or cash came out in the market.


This was a cool dimension to the game that I hadn't encountered much before, but this is one of the many reasons why I rate this game so highly. There is a lot of variation in the game in how you play, how you can win and how the game plays in general. I'm not alone in my thinking as a second game of Spyrium was being played that evening.

"Kingdom Builder. . . . . . shiver"

Graham was learning the game but quickly adopted the strategy of mass construction with the engineering patent. When a mistake was made in his calculations he made it very obvious to us that this was the case, in fact I think he literally drilled it into our subconscious - too much guilt maybe? Relax, it's your first game, not life or death! Jim held back on the workers but seeked to obtain tokens and use the biggest factories around. My plan used the patents for mine automation and dual building use so my Spyrium production was plentiful even for one mine. I only used a factory once but made full use out of the events and characters in the market that traded Spyrium for points.

"Defenders of the Realm"

The game ended with a clear victory for me, but I was impressed to see Jim finish comfortably second despite only using 4 workers for the whole game and Graham broke the 50 point mark which isn't common for first-time gamers in Spyrium. I don't think he latched on to the game too much in the end, but another fun play for me! It needs more love!


We inherited one new player to the mix and at first I was going to bring out Innovation, but my friend Jim fancied a change as we'd both been playing it a lot lately. Now I can play a good game lots of times, but not everyone is like that so I resurrected an old favourite that hadn't got much playtime lately, which was Smash Up, my card game contender to offer something different to King of Tokyo. We took up our forces and we ended up with Dinosaur Pirates, Robotic Killer Plants, Ninja Wizards and the Bear Calvary of Innsmouth . . . . now come on, are you not in the least interested to read on and play this game when you can control forces like that?

"Smash Up"

The game quickly got going and degenerated into the usual mad chaos, but I felt that again, people take a long time considering actions in this game - granted there's tactics to be had and combos to make up, but it should really be treated as a simple light game of fun without over-thinking it too much. My faction combination didn't do too badly, but for a long period I was getting beat on by every other player - what was this, beat up the game owner night? Points were very close though, but in the end the Dinosaur Pirates took the trophy when I was only one point away! What was more weird was that Graham had stated and I quote "I could do that move, but I don't know if it's worth it really". . . . . despite the fact that the aforementioned move was to place a minion down which would cap a base, putting him in first place and thus winning the game. . . . . right winning the game isn't worth it these days? I think Spyrium had an effect on him with all that thinking!

I felt sorry for others playing Lord of the Rings Confrontation as I was been asked a lot whether I had room in my games but sadly they were restricted on player count. Enter one of my new hot filler games to save the day. BANG. . . . . . . . . . The Dice Game!

"Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation"

The maximum number I had used before was 7, so to get my first 8 player game in was exciting enough and 7 new players to teach as well! The rules were taught quickly, the roles explained and we kicked off with the Sheriff who was able to heal himself at the start of a turn. This meant he was going to be a tough nut to crack and when I saw I was the Renegade, I didn't have much hope for surviving. But worry not, what I love about the Renegade is that he can adopt multiple stances and play the others off against each other. Deputies tend to get left alone so I quickly expressed my services to the Sheriff, though I doubt I was believed by many!


Unfortunately I was sitting next to Jim who was an Outlaw, a dangerous combination as not only does he want the Deputies dead, he just wants me dead out of spite so a lot of bullets came back my way. I held on though, avoiding the bullets of the Gatling Gun (my special ability) and avoiding arrows to a large extent. Some of the others however felt that being pin cushions was a valid strategy. It took a while before anyone died though which is a first.

As players got killed off, roles were revealed and eventually my attempts at faking a deputy position weren't going to get me anywhere. However I held on long enough for the remaining Outlaws to get killed by the Sheriff and the Indians made short work of the other Renegade leaving only the two of us left. I pointed my pistols and emptied the last two barrels into the Sheriff taking him out. Victory for the Renegade, which is a first for me. I've never seen that happen in over 10 games because the Renegade has a harder win condition than everyone else. Felt pretty proud of that!

"Bang The Dice Game"

And so ended another Portsmouth On Board session - nice to get multiple games in, some of which had been long overdue for some play. Before the next session we have Tabletop Day which is going to involve 8 hours of gaming with the Portsmouth crew followed by at least 16 hours work with the Mini-Stab convention. But will I be taking a sleeping break in between or going the full 24+ hours in a marathon - well that depends on whether my donations target is met. . . .

 Games Played

Smash Up
Bang: The Dice Game
Defenders of the Realm
Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation
Kingdom Builder
and many more!


Southampton On Board - 17 March 2014 - Empires, Lover's Tiff's and Not Much Else To Say!

It's going to be tough going to see how much longer I can keep up the reports for my SOB and POB sessions - it's not a short task by any means. But for now, here's a report for a session that's long overdue, which focuses on the one game I was playing this night, Empires of the Void. Apologies for the lack of photos - I got a bit engrossed in the game and forgot I was meant to be taking pictures!
There aren't many proper space 4X games out there, and the main three that people will speak of are Twilight Imperium 3 (great epic game, but insanely long), Eclipse (which first impressions were not positive for) and Exodus (not tried yet). I think there is another called Space Empires 4X as well but I know of no-one who owns that game and looking on BGG, it also doesn't look particularly engrossing either.
Empires of the Void is what I like to term a light 4X game or even a 3X game. You expand your empire researching technologies, you exploit new races for their abilities and unique ships, you exterminate your foes in space battles, but you don't really explore much as the map is already laid out, albeit in a unique way each game.
I signed up three new players to the game, Graham of whom I'd already been introduced to many cool sci-fi and fantasy style epic games including TI3 and two new members of the society, Jeff and Valerie. Seems to be a common thing in both our clubs now that new members join as couples, it's like the Noah's Ark of Board Gaming. I'd best get a move on otherwise I'm going to be left to drown!
I wished I'd had more time to read the rulebook thoroughly as my explanation of the rules was "hit and miss" to say the least, suffice to say I've now gone and read through it twice more now so my next game will be nice and easy. It didn't seem to matter though, it was easy enough to pick up FAQ's as thanks to me acquiring the print and play expansion Key To The Universe.
Each of us went for our own style of game play and tactics but if there's one thing I've learned from watching other gamers, it's that you don't play a competitive game with more than 2 players if your spouse is involved! Within minutes of starting, Valerie had already picked a fight with Jeff, going on the aggressive to try to take his home world.
While all this was going on, Graham was hanging back being all nice-nice waiting for moments to start diplomatic relations with nearby planets to benefit from all the juicy ships and abilities. I on the other hand after having done the same thing in my first game of this, decided to do the complete opposite. I just switched on the bombardment cannons and went off on a rampage enslaving planet after planet. My name was infamous across the galaxy as I slaughtered millions . . . . in my mind, you don't see a death toll in game!
Unfortunately for the others, they let me get away with murder for too long and my advantage in the game was immediately realised when my scoring in the second phase of the game was light years (no pun) ahead of the others. Of course this meant that I now had three players staring at me with a giant target symbol on my forehead. . . . . though for some reason Valerie and Jeff still had unfinished business with each others home world - seriously, was there some personal vendetta left unresolved at home?

By the end of the game, my lead was difficult to whittle down as I'd amassed an army of star cruisers to defend my main bases despite everyone else systematically taking out my outer ring planets. Why people, why? Those planets enjoy being my slaves, why would they want to be your slaves?

This was a very enjoyable game and I like having a light space opera game in the collection that doesn't take forever to play. Granted this game was a bit lengthy but that was more due to my inadequate rules teaching than anything else so I'm sure on my next play I can get it done a lot quicker.

Not much else to say, there weren't many other games being played and how often have we seen Avalon being played? I'm bringing back Bang: The Dice Game next week!


Video Review - Tales of the Arabian Nights

It's been a while, but here's a new video review! Tales of the Arabian Nights - the storytelling game from Z-Man Games!

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24 Hour Gaming Marathon for Tabletop Day! - Cancer Research UK

Just after I turn 30 (which I'm dreading!) there will be a weekend where several conventions are being run for the purposes of meeting up and playing board games. Most people will play for a few hours and then leave it there or take a break/sleep etc.

I however won't be. Starting at 10am on Saturday and going all the way to 10am Sunday (and possibly further, but 10am Sunday as a bare minimum) I will be attempting to play games for 24 hours straight. No breaks, no hour set aside for dinner, no sleeping, no nothing. 24 hours of solid concentrating on games, which trust me is not as easy as you think as most game clubs only last for 4 hours and even the longest, epic game out there only lasts for about 6 on its own.
This is a lot of games and when you have sleep depreviation, suddenly the ability to concentrate and remain a nice, well rounded person becomes more difficult! :P
Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure. Your details are safe with JustGiving – they’ll never sell them on or send unwanted emails. Once you donate, they’ll send your money directly to the charity. So it’s the most efficient way to donate – saving time and cutting costs for the charity.

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Episode 14 - Know Your Limits

Hey folks, thanks for tuning in! In today's episode:
- My first impressions of Twilight Imperium 3, a major, epic, space opera of a game which FINALLY I got to play in all its glory!

- I discuss the concept of owning too many games in your collection. Is there a limit to which buying more games is counter-intuitive?

- My Top 10 Essential Expansions - out of the games I've played, which expansions do I believe are a must-buy for the good ones?

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Sid Meier's Tech Tree, The Card Game - Innovation Review

Hello fellow gamers! Sorry for the large break in between reviews, as I mentioned on my podcast, it's been a busy period during the beginning of March and I've been experimenting with (a) more games (b) new recording equipment for the YouTube channel and podcast and (c) plans for future conventions and events. 

But I'm back, and it's time to get back to doing reviews and after listening to the recent Dice Tower Showdown podcast, I felt it was time to put in my review for a card game that I've been playing a lot recently, Innovation which as the title suggests I like to describe as Sid Meier's Tech Tree, the card game. 

Note that I only have the recent IELLO version so I won't be making comparisons between the two versions other than the fact that I don't like the graphical design of the original and much prefer the new cards. They look nicer, are much more colourful and have cool concept art on the backs specific to each age which I personally prefer to the rather bland, yet still fairly innovative (no pun intended) different fonts used on the old version.

"Now which version's box draws you in more?"

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Portsmouth On Board - 12 March 2014 - Falling Nations, Slow Russians & Bad Games!

A jam packed session at Portsmouth On Board this week - never short of members here and if you don't believe me, come on down and see for yourself! But enough shameless plugging, let's get started on the games.

My highlight for the evening was finally getting my new game Nations to the table. I'd only done a mock play with two players and wanted to see how a full game would work out. Well I say full, I rarely ever want to play a game with maximum players as you know it just makes a Euro game take forever. So four players was good enough. Roping in Nigel from GamesQuest, Jez and my mate Jim we chose our starting nations and made a start. On reflection I think next time I'll explain the rules as I go through the first turn of the game as that seems easier than trying to do it all before hand. But hey, civilization games are complex, we all know this.

Being gamers, none of us wanted the boring A side of the player boards, so we all embraced our nation's unique characteristics and went for the B sides (A is identical, B is unique). My Rome vs Persia, Greece and China.


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Unboxing - Tales of the Arabian Nights

To keep the channel busy while I prepare for updated equipment, here is my unboxing review of Tales of the Arabian Nights - you will notice that I am little giddy over this game as I'd been waiting for a re-print for ages and after watching The Dice Tower play this game live, I knew I wanted this game!
This is done on the old equipment however I've just taken delivery of the new camcorder and Rode microphone this morning (12.03.14) so I look forward to getting it tested soon. The future is coming!


Southampton On Board - 10 March 2014 - Betrayal in Space, Zombies & Ponies

Yeah you heard me right, ponies. I'll get on to that later. I was originally hoping to get Nations to the table and I almost did, however Graham had also brought Rex back from the previous week and it was one that I wanted to try also. Equal votes for each game, but everyone else was unable to step forward and make a definitive decision so in comes me to save the day! As I have Portsmouth On Board this week as well, I figured I could get it in that night so it wouldn't be the end of the world to try Rex instead - maybe it's because we only just played Twilight Imperium 3 on Sunday and I was still in the space mood. . .

Rex is based in the same universe and is a reprint of an old game called Dune. The theme is mainly tacked on, you could substitute it with something else, but it is cool to have alien races with different abilities that you can use and credit to Fantasy Flight, this game looks gorgeous! Lots of nice pieces, quality artwork, lots of colour, everything just looks really sci-fi and high quality, but are we surprised when FF are involved?


The game is relatively simple though. You bid on strategy cards which help in combat to begin with, then deploy and move your troops around, then resolve combats. That's the main gist of what goes on. You are aiming to control certain spots on the board that will enable you to win the game. But where this game pulls you in is the art of betrayal that features in the game. You can try to win by yourself, but that tends to be quite a difficult thing to do, so at certain stages you are allowed to form and break alliances with other players. But on top of that you each start with a card that has a specific objective on it with a ranking and if you can complete that task while part of a winning alliance, if your rank is higher than your teammate, then you effectively betray them and win the game for yourself!

Now imagine that you've been through the whole game, suffered combat losses, treachery in your leaders and hardship galore, but finally pull of a victory only to have your buddy stab you in the back. Now as fun and thematic as that is, can you imagine a more obvious table flipping moment? "Yay, we all won. . . except you!"

"Last Night On Earth"

This is one evil game and you can get messed around a lot, but that's part of the theme and you have to accept that going in. I had an alliance with Graham for the whole game, not thinking for one second that our alliance was completely legit, but going with it anyway. But on the last turn I was able to convince Jacob that his partner was no longer useful, broke my alliance and then formed a new one with him to win the game. Now he could have stabbed me in the back with his Betrayal card, but after stitching up his partner, we shook hands and shared the victory! That was unexpected as I expected to lose with a moral victory - but should I still trust him in the next game?


It was a good laugh so will look forward to a subsequent play. It looks nice, has a lot of player interaction and political discussion and because of the cool dials and cards you use for combat, there's very little luck in this game. A tiny bit for what cards you win and some for choosing your leader and hoping he's not a traitor, but surprising still very little for a quintessential Ameritrash game. But be prepared to get yourself screwed over ripe royally.

Across from us Last Night On Earth was being dominated by the hero side who had a fascination with the Gun Shop - well who wouldn't in real life let alone a zombie apocalypse? What slightly scared me was that two new members were playing a card game of My Little Pony. . . . . now. . . . . wait for it. . . . . need a moment. . . . . WHAT? I felt legitimately scared when I saw this game, not only refusing to believe that such a game would exist, but that it would be being played in front of me right now by adults! Obviously this is before I even know what the game is about, but again, can you blame me for such a reaction? I would bet that much as I love my future girlfriend to enjoy some board games with me, if My Little Pony was part of the deal, I'd have to consider getting out of Dodge.

"My Little Pony"

We started quite late and didn't have much time for fillers that night, though some were able to get a quick session of Saboteur over and done with. Hopefully more games to show you next week and I think next Monday I'll either bring Nations again or I might bring Empires of the Void, keeping to the space theme. 

Games Played

Last Night On Earth
My Little Pony


Storage Solutions - Arkham Horror

It's taken me ages to get round to this video, but finally it's ready. In this episode I go through how I store my Arkham Horror collection using foamboard and a little creativity. Note however I'm far from an expert in arts and crafts so don't expect professional quality here, but for my needs, it does the trick very nicely.
This is still on the old equipment setup - still waiting for my new camcorder/shotgun microphone - the future is coming! :-)

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Southampton On Board - 3 March 2014 - Heart Attacks, Epic Scales and Pasted Themes

Not so much going on tonight! Not because of a lack of players, but because the two main games got a lot of spot requests from the others. Graham had brought along Rex, which is the reprint of Dune but set in the Twilight Imperium universe, a game I really want to try. But as I might be getting a game of this on Sunday with any luck, I opted out to host a Lords of Waterdeep game as after doing my recent Top 10 Worker Placement Games list, I developed an itch to get this played more.
Things got off to a bad start though when Jacobs clumsiness resulted in a Coke spillage that caught my camera case and part of the box of Lords of Waterdeep, which caused me to suffer multiple heart attacks in the space of 5 seconds. Luckily my camera was in it's case so that came out unscathed and thankfully publishers are getting good at making boxes that resist moisture for a brief period. The box didn't stain and a quick dry revealed no sign of "softness" bar a titchy corner bit. . . . . Phew! I collect my games as well as play them and even though you can't avoid wear and tear on board games (seriously if you carry them in bags and play them a lot you're going to notice corner scuffs etc.), it's a pain to deal with.
My fellow players had only played Lords of Waterdeep once before but enjoyed the game. None had seen what the Scoundrels of Skullport expansion can do so they were obviously missing out and I had to show them the light - this is one of the key essential expansions that should be bought for a game, it adds more variety and a cool Corruption mechanic to vastly improve the longevity of this game.

It didn't take long to explain the new rules and that's one of the beauties of the expansion. You've got two little boards with extra action spaces - no major rules change there - and you've got the corruption mechanic which is pretty straightforward in itself. This was probably the first game I'd seen where everyone went nuts for corruption. We almost reached the -9 threshold and then suddenly everyone started repenting for their sins, but we still ended up around the -5 mark. One player was very odd, he nearly had 10 corruption tokens at one point making us believe he was the most evil Lord ever, but then grabbed more of his Piety quests and almost got rid of them all by the end of the game - talk about a pious revelation.

This was an all-time record for me though, finishing on a victory with 220 points. Never have I seen the 200 mark be breached, so this will be a game to remember. It was quite convenient with the objective I had of completing Warfare and Skullduggery quests as I was able to set up an engine with the buildings in which I gain extra fighters and also the owner bonuses for using my own. This meant I had times where I could gain 8 meeples and money from one action space - eventually I had so many that I was donating 3 a turn to the new building that converts meeples into victory points (which co-incidentally I also owned!). It was a truly horrific combo.

A very fun game and everyone shared the opinion that the expansion really improves the game - looks like Lords of Waterdeep will see more action at the club, which I'm not going to complain about!

Rex continued on for a short while longer, but with 6 players that's no surprise. I'm hoping to get this played on Sunday however that depends on how exhausted we are after playing Twilight Imperium 3 - my first game, CANNOT WAIT!! Generally I think the opinions were good so Rex will also hit my wishlist for games I need to play.

There wasn't much more left to the night after that so I introduced Bang: The Dice Game to those who stayed behind and managed to get a couple of games in the last twenty minutes of the night. That's 8 plays of that game already and it's proving popular. Goes to show that filler games are usually the most cost efficient games you can possibly buy.

A shorter report for this week - not so many games played, but two very epic games and both good games. Next Monday there's a good chance I'll be introducing Nations to the club - my attempt at getting a quality Civilization game in my collection, however I accidently lost some willpower and bidded on a new copy of Through The Ages which I won, so which will take the top spot I wonder?


Episode 13 - Opinionated Workers

Not bowing down to superstition, here is Episode 13 of the Broken Meeple podcast.
In today's episode, I give my first impressions of Bruges by Stefan Feld, discuss my thoughts on gamers who react badly to negative reviews and divulge my Top 10 Worker Placement Games - not to be confused with The Dice Tower's Top 10 they did recently!
NB: - Apologies in advance, I'm still trying to get the settings right on my Blue Yeti microphone and it's a tough process - you MAY hear the odd light background noise from time to time, it's so sensitive!

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Portsmouth On Board - 26 February 2014 - Russians, Belgians and A Lack of Elephants

I've been looking forward to this session as the main game of the night was already planned. . . . wait a minute I always look forward to Portsmouth On Board, what am I saying? OK forget that last part, but anyway, tonight I was continuing my mission for the week to play lots of new worker placement games with Russian Railroads. This is a game that's got a lot of buzz since Essen as a medium weight Euro train game that's easy to play, but has multiple cool features to distinguish it from the competition.
Now I'm not normally one for train games bar Ticket To Ride, but that's a light, family game, not a brain-burning train management game. I've been introduced to several iterations over the last few months including 18XX, Chicago Express, Locomotive Werks and another really tiny filler train game to which I've forgotten the name (think what Eight Minute Empire tried to achieve and put trains in it) - none of which have grabbed me and in the case of the second one, actually bored me to tears. I'd like to try Trains which is the deck-building game but again I don't think that would be counted as a Euro train game so chances are I'll like that one by default.

"Russian Railroads - point salad central"

But Russian Railroads intrigued me and so I was keen to jump in to a 3 player game and test it out. And considering someone else had brought Clash of Cultures to the fray which is extremely high on my list of To Play games (what is there, like 1,000 games on it at this point, I feel like such a noob), that's saying something.

"Railways of Great Britain (HOW BIG IS THIS BOARD?"
Elsewhere in the club I could see Seasons, which is an excellent game, one of my favourites as well as Small World: Underground, a game I haven't been able to get many people into playing sadly as it's also a good game - maybe it's that people struggle with all of the races available, particularly in my expanded copy of the original Small World.

"Small World: Underground"

Russian Railroads appeared at first like a typical worker placement game. You have your board with a hundred icons where you will track the progress of your tracks and industry levels and another board has all of the spots you can place your workers (which are all shaped to include the Russian hats whatever they're called which is cool) for various actions. It didn't take very long to be taught to the rules and that should be the case with everyone, it's a medium weight game overall. Once you know what the icons do, you can quickly formulate a strategy and adapt to what actions are available, or at least that's how I saw it personally.

It plays so smoothly though and AP was kept to an all-time low for a Euro game. But when I say that this game is a point-salad, MY GOD it's a point salad with extra pie, chips and gravy. You get points for extending your train tracks, building up your industry, using engineers, achieving special bonuses, hell, even for being the 2nd or 3rd player to go in the turn order. . . . now that's a first in my experience! But that's not a bad thing - you get a feel that everything you do is worth something, but you really need a calculator to help out with round scoring!


I was impressed and for a train game that's high praise - this could possibly see its way into my collection as it seemed very quick and balanced throughout and some of the mechanics in the game such as the industry tiles "bridging the gaps" on the industry track is quite ingenious. It was good fun and surpassed expectations.

Following this the Clash of Cultures game was nearing it's conclusion as well, but why no elephants? You can't put a giant war elephant on the box cover and then not have any elephants! Boooo! Ah well a future expansion should be solving that issue and I still want to play this game and check it out. The technology tree looks very diverse although there were comments of not much "war" taking place - but that might have been because they were playing the short game as normally the reviews I hear of this game is that it can get very combative. My mate Jim I believe took the victory by half a point - it's a good feeling when you literally scrape that victory, but I've been on the receiving end of that as well and it's not pleasant - yeah I'm talking to you Chaos In The Old World!

"Clash of Cultures"

Lighter games across the club were breaking out with King of Tokyo, as usual, being a popular choice, but there was also Last Night On Earth, which incidentally is also what I believed I was experiencing when I last played that game - such odd theme issues with that game, much preferred Zombicide for a classic "Left 4 Dead" style feel.

Fortunately for us, another item on my hit-list was shown in Bruges, the recent Stefan Feld game that has also been receiving a lot of praise. The concept of having all of these character cards to use in different ways with a ton of variety was intriguing.

In this game you are building houses and canals as well as recruiting characters to earn victory points in classic Stefan Feld style. The interesting aspect is that there are a huge variety of characters each with their own special ability once you recruit them. Finding a good combination of these characters is key to success. But of course you have to avoid getting screwed by the various hazard tiles that you collect such as pests, fires and floods. I had a few pests come in and invade my houses, but no big deal.


It was a fine game, although I feel that your ability to do well is dictated entirely by the cards you draw. If you draw the colours you want or a good combination of characters, you will do well, if not, you won't. Pure and simple. I guess that's not a huge issue however as the game is a "lighter" Euro game so an element of randomness is to be expected and it does have a lot of variety in the characters and is relatively quick to play. But when it comes to Euro's I tend to shy away from luck and save that for the filler games or Ameritrash genre.

I came last which is no big surprise given that luck seems to have a go at me on a regular basis. I never drew a good combination of cards, but I got a good feel of how the game plays - it's just one that I'll play at a club, but won't opt for owning it in my ever growing collection which has taken a big boost in games lately (Russian Railroads being one of them!).

"6 Nimmet"

No time for anything else that night - but definitely some great games being played - now that Co-Op month is over and my Top 10 Worker Placement game list has been recorded now as of 2 March 2014, I can start playing some new games on my wish list - anyone bringing back Clash of Cultures? :-)

Games Played

Russian Railroads
Clash of Cultures
6 Nimmet
King of Tokyo
Last Night On Earth
Small World: Underground
- and many more!