Southampton On Board - 24 February 2014 - The Welsh, The Witches and the "What Is That?"

After a short day at work, a tiring gym session and a long drive while talking to my parents, I was hoping my brain and body alike were ready for some games. Due to having to write up a Top 10 Worker Placement games list soon I was sticking purely to that genre and at least didn't have to carry a giant bag full of games for once.

After our usual long chit-chat to catch up, the games got started with my worker placement game of choice being Snowdonia, a game about building a train track up the Welsh mountain. Not a theme I would normally jump on being train-related but then the alternative choice was Russian Railroads which I was hoping to be playing at the POB session on Wednesday anyway. Other players settled in to Discworld: The Witches and another game which I confess, I've no idea what it was - if you get it from the photo then fair play to you but it didn't peak my interest when I looked at it and I was too busy trying to learn the rules of Snowdonia, which had to be re-learned by the game's owner due to tiredness and sitting on the shelf for too long!


It took a while before we got started, but I'd rather get the game right then play it wrong. Despite the game having a fairly dry theme, we were constantly cracking jokes at the Welsh for their station names in the game and adopting different styles of play across the players. I felt that contracts and surveyors were a bit too powerful in this game from first glance so I tried to find out whether avoiding them would do the trick. That meant I stuck to building on top of stations and grabbing points there to which I dominated in that aspect. Unfortunately by the end of the game it turned out that the contracts/surveyors are in fact the way to play if you can pull it off. I only came 3rd by 4 points, but there was a clear leader with Russ breaking 100 points from obtaining a lot of contracts.

". . . . what is this? :P (Thanks to David Parrott @eightlittlebits - it's Last Will)"

All in all, it's a good little game, not too complex and the mechanics fit well with the theme of the game. I'm not convinced that there's multiple paths to victory, but as a result there's enough blocking that can be done to help stop other players much like Agricola. The trains you can buy are also a major factor in this game as they give you extra workers for only 1 resource a turn. I had an expensive train which I could barely use but cheaper trains could chuck out workers constantly.

Will it make my Top 10. . . . . . it comes close but I don't think it will, making the shortlist, but not making the final cut.

The Witches was progressing fine now that apparently the owners actually got the rules right which previously meant that the game slapped them silly until they cried out in terror. Considering the game is meant to be a relatively easy, light game, that's not something you hear every day.

"The Witches"

Two other new members turned up midway and played their own game of Guildhall, which to be fair is a card game I'd like to play - it doesn't get hyped up very much but it sounds like a card manipulation game that I would like so it's on my To Play list. . . . . . what's on this fabled list of games I have to get played, a thousand games at this point?


With little time left we resorted to shorter games and lo and behold, Avalon Resistance makes an appearance! I'm surprised we haven't burned out on this game as it's a weekly thing but to be fair it plays a lot of people and my Masquerade game hasn't been as popular as I would like but maybe I just need to bring it again one week. Ah well I'm expecting Bang The Dice Game in the week which might make an interesting replacement - more on that and probably a review in March.

Yet again I get stuck with the Loyal Servant of Arthur - seriously am I just a magnet for the good guys or something? I yearn to have a game where I'm Evil, I think I've been evil in about 2 plays of this game and we've played it a gazillion times now. However I proved that my logic deducing skills are unmatched as I determined all the bad guys by the end and the missions passed without much issue. . . . unfortunately my logic wasn't enough to convince the bad guys that I was Merlin and yet again Merlin got assassinated. That's 3 times in a row now. I guarantee you, if you can't make me Evil, make me Merlin and I'll prove to you that it's easy to not stand out like a sore thumb and get stabbed in the back - you can hold me to that and if I get killed when it comes around then I'll hang my head in shame!

To end the night, we quickly wrapped up with a game of Kakerlaken Poker where it was proven yet again just how Evil Russell is and why we always suspect him in Avalon. Timing a Royal Stink Bug card while a player with two in front of them and one on top of the penalty pile existed. . . . . result is a loser who deserved a bit of sympathy! But at least it wasn't me!
Another fun night minus the late start, but I got to catch up with a lot of people. Look forward to the next session as per usual, but for now I have more worker placement games to test out and I get to test out Zombicide tonight!

Games Played

The Witches
Resistance: Avalon
Last Will
Kakerlaken Poker