Southampton On Board - 10 February 2014 - Persistent Sages, Triangular Houses and Chaos Gods

Well, not a great deal to report on this week as every game took forever to finish! So there were only 3 major games in play with a couple of lighter fillers thrown in! Due to having to pick up some goods from Novatech I ended up at the pub way too early, but lucky for me there were 4 other players setting up Citadels - fantastic!

My Assassin proved to be a little too good at his job. After wasting the Merchant in the first round, the Merchant decided to be absent for the next 3-4 rounds from the selection of characters. Next time I'll just try to hospitalise him rather than outright decapitate him, that should still get the message across!

The Tax Collector was a replacement for the Thief and personally I don't like him despite having easy opportunities to make accountant jokes about him given my profession - his ability just doesn't sting enough as you can get around it easily and you lose the coolness of having to figure out which character is who like the Thief does. However Russell seemed to like him very much taking him four times in a row - shame he wasn't winning as I would have chosen the Assassin more often otherwise! ;-)

"Bora Bora"

Once everyone else had arrived, we settled into our 3 major games of the night. The group that I swear only play Euro games religiously (not that that's a bad thing, I love a good Euro game too) whipped out Bora Bora - a game I wouldn't mind trying at some stage if only to find out what the deal is with all those triangular houses all over the place. Graham started teaching yet another game on my hitlist called Chaos of the Old World in which you control the Warhammer Gods of Chaos in a large area control game. It looks gorgeous and being an Warhammer fan in my college days I would have normally jumped straight into this. . . . . however. . . . . I made a promise that I was going to teach Tales of the Arabian Nights and I never go back on a promise!

Four of us opened up the Book of Tales, which incidentally is obscenely huge and contains over 2,600 paragraphs/lists. Don't let it be said they didn't put in an effort when they designed this game. This game is essentially a giant story-book where you move around from location to location having encounters which can range from wicked hags to mystical creatures to ancient treasures. The majority of the time they won't necessarily go well for you but it's hilarious to find out what kind of things you can get up to. Let me give you a few examples:

"Tales of the Arabian Nights - bit fuzzy, apologies!"

Justin decided to go for a sea-faring Sinbad (how original :P), but this plan encountered an issue when he came across a legendary Dendan (which apparently is a gigantic black fish) and thought that he could take it on. . . . yeeeeaaahhh! The Dendan took out his ship and crew causing him to be grief stricken throughout the whole game which meant his skills became near useless! Well it's a heavy burden on your shoulders to lose your whole crew, even if Justin didn't really care either way!

Callum. . . . well I need to keep this report PG-13 so I can't go into detail as to what he was aiming for but it involved a female with talents in appearance and seduction so you do the math! Unfortunately all his attempts to court anything were hindered by his inability to do any decent story-telling, which got him scorned and made a fool of regularly. Don't all women say these days that it's more about personality than looks after all.

As for me, my story resulted in many normal encounters until the later half of the game where I acquired an Ebony Horse treasure piece, which allowed to teleport across the map willy-nilly. However every time I used it I had to encounter a Pursuing Sage who wanted his little horse back! 5 times I tried different responses and every single time I got screwed over! Finally on the 6th attempt I hung my head and chose to grovel in front of him - "I've had enough, just take your stupid horse, I can't take it any more"! The Sage felt sorry for me and let me go with a nice humble reward!

These are all examples of how hilarious this game can get as an experience.

"Chaos in the Old World"

We wrapped up the night after everyone else had finished their games with an 8 player Avalon: Resistance game. Seriously I'll never be rid of it! Ah well, turned out to be a good game although how I can have a 3 in 4 chance of being a special character and/or evil and still end up as a boring good guy is beyond me! Evil is so much more interesting. Anyways, we easily figured out who the evil guys were, but unfortunately our resident Merlin was a little too open about his thoughts and received a poisoned sword to thank him for his troubles from the opposing Assassin. One of these days I'll be Merlin - good luck trying to assassinate me!

Another fun night though a shame I didn't get to try out any of my hit-list, but in the words of a classic cartoon villain. . . . "I'll get you next time Gadget . . . . next time!"