Portsmouth On Board - 12 February 2014 - Tech Trees, Bizarre Concepts And A Tragic Loss

Ahhh with January out of the way I can concentrate on gaming and Co-Op Month! Unfortunately there's also a flaw with February, that being that work just dies completely and each day drags on to a crawl. So I was looking forward to Portsmouth On Board that night, so much so I even turned up earlier than usual!


Yet again, plenty of members turning up - it's great to see a regular cast each week. I was expecting Nigel from GamesQuest to turn up a bit late so I opted out of the games that started off, but was able to give my mate Jim a run-down of how Innovation works. I'd only tested it once briefly, but this time we had a full two player game and it certified that it's going to remain in my collection. It's like the ultimate definition of tactical adaptation where you have to constantly change to what tech cards you draw or replace as the ages go on. Ok the theme isn't that strong, but it's a cool game for those who like "quick-thinking" games like me.

"Android Netrunner"

Elsewhere plenty of games were under way, but the giant Eldritch Horror game caught my attention first. I've recently acquired this game and I enjoy it a lot (check out my Top 10 in Episode 12 for it's placement and my review is coming out later this month). But it's cool to see how other players fare at the game and this was a LONG game that night so it must have been pretty epic. Unfortunately they lost in the end, but hey, if you won a co-operative game every time, where would the fun be? One thing about Arkham Horror and Eldritch Horror that makes them great games is the immersion and the experience when playing the game, not the ultimate victory.


Jim & I were then invited into a game of Concept - now this game has brushed past my radar briefly with some confusion. It's a white box with a giant question mark on it and I've not seen it mentioned on many review blogs so I was lost as to what it was. Turns out it's a party game of guessing words, except on this occasion you have a board full of various symbols that depict "descriptions" and then you have to place coloured cubes and markers on the board to emphasise said descriptions to the other players. It's tricky to explain, but let's say for example I had to describe "Noah". I would first mark out that it's a man, then place a marker out to show that he's fictional (blasphemy!!) and then place several cubes of the same colour on a space to really focus on the fact that it's far back in history.

"The Witches"

Get it?. . . . . No? . . . . . well tough you'll have to play it, but I recommend that you do. First impressions were that it's very innovative and different and of course as a good party game should, brings out a ton of laughter among the players with all the crazy guesses being unloaded everywhere. In fact once I can qualify for free shipping, I'm adding this to the collection, it was that much fun and I know my family will be able to get it.


As the other games continued on with the Sentinels players getting owned by the Ennead and The Lurker In The Threshold set to destroy the world in Eldritch Horror we moved on to quick fillers. Beginning with For Sale, which is not my favourite game in the world as it's an auction genre and I rated these pretty low in my early podcast days. I don't mind For Sale though because it's simple and quick - much better than that Power Grid rubbish. . . . . oh yeah I'm still bringing it up!

"Eldritch Horror"

A good fun game with me proving that even cardboard boxes can fetch you thousands of pounds when played at the right time. I won the first game but had a serious double take moment in the second game where I felt confident I'd walked away with that victory as well, only to find my mate Jim had completely demolished my score without me realising! Fair play to him, I was really surprised, but I still held the status of earning more money from a cardboard box then he could with a beach house!


To wrap up the night, I brought out Kakerlaken Poker to fulfil my itch to get a bluffing game in. I've already spoken about this game and reviewed it on the blog - it's a cool filler game of bluffing and deception that always seems to go down well, is easy to play and only costs a tenner, so you can't lose really. . . . . . well I can, yes tragically I suffered my FIRST EVER loss at this game despite hanging on for a long time. Ah well it had to happen eventually . . . . stupid flies!

"Hansa Teutonica"

Another great night and looking forward to the next one as always!

Games Played
Eldritch Horror
Sentinels of the Multiverse
Love Letter
Modern Art
Kakerlaken Poker
For Sale
Hansa Teutonica
Android: Netrunner
The Witches
King of Tokyo

"Sentinels of the Multiverse"

"For Sale"

"Love Letter"