Even More Aliens With Freaky Special Powers! - Cosmic Encounter Expansions Video Review

Before the YouTube channel starts exploding with Co-Op related videos I want to give you all something to watch for January. So it's about time I caught up with one or two planned reviews in my pile and now we're going with all four expansions to Cosmic Encounter, a really great sci-fi negotiation which I've already reviewed on this blog.
Firstly before you watch the video I want to apologise for the video quality. I was reasonably happy with my introduction video, but I know that improvements can be made. I then tried some various changes (zoomed in further, reduced resolution to 720P for storage space, recorded in the evening, etc) and basically all of them didn't work!
It's a learning process for me so I know not to make those errors again and after getting some advice from other users on YouTube who record their own videos I feel confident that future review videos are going to be a lot better!