Southampon On Board - 16 December 2013 - Dark Nights and Dead Knights

Not many games played on this final night of 2013 at Southampton so it's a shorter report, but both seemed pretty epic in scale. I'd been waiting for this night painstakingly for a week though as it was my chance to try out Eldritch Horror - a game which I'd been waiting for, but also dreading because it's the direct rival to my Arkham Horror collection.

"Eldritch Horror - yeah it's a lot of tokens and cards like with Arkham"

On the sidelines, while we battled the night, we had the other end of the scale of defending the light in the form of Shadows Over Camelot, a classic co-op for new game players, just as long as you ignore the fact you're playing poker hands rather than actually smiting evil! Ha ha I jest, but it's a good game none the less.

Setup took a little while, but that's normal for any Arkham game, but we started off on our quest to stop the Lurker In The Threshold from arriving. On hindsight maybe I should have picked a magic character knowing what the Lurker is like, but hey I did alright with Silas the Sailor. He moved swiftly across the board and had the edge in getting items.

Paranoia was his main issue though. Because one of the rules was being played wrong I had 3 Paranoia conditions on the go but none of them were activating. This was a sailor with some serious mental issues. Once we got the rule right, it still made no difference, but ironically another player suffered from her Paranoia condition - weird how things come around.

Everyone took the time to read all of the thematic text and get into the story, which prolongs the game a bit, but it's part of what makes the Arkham games enjoyable. But seriously they need to expand this game with more cards soon, which being Fantasy Flight you know they're going to do literally just round the corner!

Meanwhile at Camelot. . . which is a silly place (sorry I had to get in at least one Monty Python crack) one of the knights had bitten the bullet and died outright, something that didn't happen in my first game. Sucks to be eliminated from a game that can potentially drag on for a while, but luckily he didn't have long to wait.

"Shadows Over Camelot - I think the traitor needs to work a bit harder"

It was quite a tight game as we struggled for fulfil the mystery criteria to complete each stage, but eventually we took the victory with barely 2-3 Mythos cards to spare. Now we just had to tidy up all the tokens and cards. . . . .oh boy, but it was still easier than Arkham.


As for the game itself, well it was good fun and very thematic, but then so is Arkham. As if I didn't have enough to contend with having to review Caverna when I already own and love Agricola, now I have to give my first impressions on Eldritch Horror when I already own all of Arkham Horror. Ah well, that's for Episode 10, which will come out over the holidays with my Top Game Choice of 2013 so you're going to have to wait until then and tune in! 

Games Played

Eldritch Horror
Shadows Over Camelot