Southampton On Board - 11 November 2013 - Cavemen, Terraforming & Billboards

Well finally, I've gotten around to it! As you may have read on my About Me page I attend two gaming groups on a regular basis where I get to play the majority of my games. I've been recently uploading photos of the games in question to my Google+ account, but I wanted to report on them fully on this blog (and as such, take the pictures with a proper camera as opposed to my Ipad Mini)

This page is dedicated to Southampton On Board which takes place in the Titanic pub in Southampton on Mondays at 7pm through to closing time at 11pm. It's common to have 10+ people attending each night and we're always looking for new members. We have a guild page on BoardGameGeek, but you can get in contact easier on our Facebook group.

I would love to know about any other groups in the area as I'm eager to meet up with as many gamers as physically possible -even if it's just 3-4 gamers who would like an extra player to join in the fun, give me a bell on my many contact sources (Facebook, Google+, Twitter & Email) and tell me about your group. This is why I love board gaming, you get to meet so many people and indulge in so many types of games and make new friends. And I live alone so I'm happy to host as well!

OK enough with the "Lonely Hearts" column - back to the plot! 

Skyline 3000
 (sorry for picture quality, the pub has poor lighting so I'll use my digital camera in future!)

The night kicks off with a classic filler of King of Tokyo (base only) - a full complement of players, but unfortunately for me, I arrived slightly late meaning I got the one monster that no-one else wanted...........and coincidentally I never want and despise with a passion.........Cyber Bunny. Honestly when you've got the greats like Gigazaur, The King, etc, why oh why would you want to play a robotic humanoid bunny? 

Despite my rage for the monster, it didn't translate well into the dice in which I spent most of the game tanking and trying to stay alive from the constant onslaught. I do however state now that "Wings" is overpowered as a card as it allowed the winner to effectively be immune to all damage in the end-game. Good fun though and I'll take second place with pride - you have the city, I'll have the bay!

Caverna: The Cave Farmers

The night then took a Heavy Euro theme across the group with the two dominating games being Caverna and Terra Mystica. Talk about my hardest decision as to which I wanted to play that night! But having just purchased Caverna and the fact that I was teaching Terra Mystica to new players at Portsmouth this Wednesday, I opted for Terra. 

As always the game was very enjoyable, though I felt I went for a similar strategy with Chaos Magicians as I did with Darklings in my first game. Unlike my decisive win in that game though, I lost outright in this one. No-one wanted to build next to me for some reason, (I mean what, did we smell or something?) so I gained no additional resources and even though I maxed out the Cult tracks, it wasn't enough to catch up to the Alchemists who just steamrolled us with possibly the largest town I've ever seen in Terra Mystica to date! It's no shock that Alchemists are regarded as one of the more powerful races in the selection. I didn't feel that Chaos were that good and wouldn't recommend them to new players, but I have a cool idea of how to play them next time. . . 

That being said it's still a quality game and I'm looking forward to teaching new players on Wednesday.

No time for other games that night, not when you stick a Heavy Euro in the mix - but a decent night all round - I was curious as to what Skyline 3000 was as it was an Alan Moon game I'd never heard of and when I glanced over at the board, all I could see was big towers and lots of advertising billboards with "Coming Soon" written on them - but when you're engrossed in a game like Terra, you can't really dedicate any part of your brain elsewhere! 

Games Played

Terra Mystica
Caverna: The Cave Farmers
King of Tokyo
Skyline 3000