Portsmouth On Board - 27 November 2013 - Volcanos, Bouncing Robots and Storyboards

I think this session has the current record for how many different games and genres can be played in one night! And all with the same 3 fellow players to accompany me. Plenty of games being played across the group, but I was treated to some new ones for a change - it's been a couple of weeks of me providing the games so it's refreshing to try something new.

To kick things off, we start with a light cutthroat game called Downfall of Pompeii - I'd be wanting to try this for a while but it's been out of print for ages and has only just come back on the scene. This however was an Essen version I believe. . . . . yeah not jealous at all. . . . right I'm going to make sure I get to Essen next year.

"Small World - so pretty every time it's laid out"

Put simply you spend half the game placing people inside the city with the use of cards and then on the second half you try to evacuate them out while moving the lava in such a way that it "Om Nom Noms" everyone else. Yes that was exactly what was going through my head as I took great glee at consuming the other city dwellers in flames. As you can tell this is a cruel take-that game, but it's good fun. It's not complicated to teach or play and it's a cheap laugh. Granted the most fun is done when the lava gets going, but it's worth the build up and it plays very closely too. And during the build up phase you get to occasionally sacrifice other player pieces to the volcano god by literally chucking them into a plastic volcano piece that stands over the city - that's just frigg'in cool! I won, but only by one piece and we all finished quite close together.

"Downfall of Pompeii - Yellow is looking so yummy for the lava right now"

That game didn't take long though and across the other tables we could still see Small World and Spyrium in progress so we kept the theme light and as part of welcoming a new member to the club we moved on to their copy of Dixit and proceeded to enjoy everyone's attempts at clue giving. I swear it was the quickest game of Dixit I've ever played, but that's one of the qualities of Dixit - see my review for more details (Dixit Odyssey). Apparently we are all uneducated though because we didn't understand a reference that was used by one player with regards to some obscure poet. . . . . I'm so going to get flak for this I bet! . . . ah well we got two points and she didn't so HA! But that same person pipped me by two points and won the game in the end so joke's on me I guess. 

"Dixit - this was one of my clues that fell flat"

At this point the other two games were still going on. . . . blimey I know for a fact that Small World and Spyrium can take shorter time than that so not sure what was happening there. We kept things light and opted for a light filler game so I jumped straight in keen to teach them Kakerlaken Poker. See my review (Kakerlaken Poker) for more details on how this plays, but there was certainly a lot of bluffs being called in this game. 

"Yeah I forgot to take a photo of the game in question - it happens!"

Finally one group had migrated from their first game on to City of Horrors, but Spyrium was still going on. Continuing the endless run of games I was introduced to Ricochet Robots. Now if you saw my first Portsmouth On Board post (POB 13.11.2013) you would have seen a photo for this already. It was praised highly by the owners and so I was intrigued to try something to test the brain cells a bit more without being a heavy Euro game. 

"City of Horror"

It's like a simple puzzle game with competition against the other players. You have 4 coloured robots on a grid board with little "walls" dotted around and symbols showing where you have to aim a robot to in a turn. The catch is however that robots can only move in straight lines but ricochet (get it now?) off the walls and other robots. Once the new destination is revealed you have to think fast against the other players to see if you can take the robot to that square in as few moves as possible. It's so simple to teach, but boy does it do a number on your brain cells in a good way. It's a great test of your spatial awareness and is an example of a game that schools should be using as a teaching tool. A landslide victory . . . . not boasting, it just was! I'm sure I'll get completely owned on my next play, which I look forward to. 

"Ricochet Robots - robots bouncing all over the place, a great brain teaser game"

Puff puff. . . . four games in one night and only one of those was a filler game by definition. Great mix of games and two new ones to give first impressions on in my podcast in the future. 

"Spyrium - boy this went on for a while, what was happening there?"

Games Played

Downfall of Pompeii
City of Horrors
Small World
Kakerlaken Poker
Ricochet Robots