Episode 6 - Forces Beyond Your Control


I'm back! Sorry for the quiet period, but Arkham Horror Month really required my full devotion and I was away for a week in the later part of October. But now normal service has resumed and we get started with first impressions on Shadows over Camelot and Galaxy Trucker.

In addition we revisit a recent zombie game which deserves a slight . . . alteration. . .  to my thoughts about it.


Could never see the attraction with Last night on earth, it suffers from a problem prevalent in most zombie games, run and gun and run around some more. All the good zombie stories are always about the humans. I'll bring City Of Horror along soon its a good un.
Galaxy Trucker is great fun! A typical Vlaada design chaos and mayhem all other the place. I think you suffered from a poor set up on this, without knowing what the components do I can understand the frustration. You need to play it again properly. I will also bring this along at some point. And wholeheartedly agree you should only play this game with expansions when you know the base game first, they just make the game far too complex.
If you told people what the value of the cards where in Shadows then they would know what sets to play to beat those games, and its nicely thematic.
And stop accusing me of being a bloody traitor...