Episode 2: When Good Bunnies Go To War

Hello everyone!

Finally it's here, Episode 2 of the Broken Meeple podcast, this time with higher production values and special effects. . . . . . . well it's got musical interludes anyway, that's something at least now that I've got the hang of Audacity and Camtasia Studio 8 to an extent!

In this episode I discuss my first impressions of a really obscure card game I was introduced to at a recent gaming session in Southampton called "Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot" - yes that's what it's called, but don't think this is simply a weird kids game by any means. But should you play it and what are my opinions on it?

In the second half I then kick-start my Top Charts with a small one to begin with - namely the Top 3 Worst Genres in Gaming. These are the types of games that given a choice I would rather not play or just don't get much enjoyment from - of course this is all MY HUMBLE OPINION!

Feel free to share this across the web and post your own comments - let me know what are your worst genres in gaming? Perhaps you can't stand worker placement games or have had a bad episode with negotiation games in the past. Let me know and I hope you enjoy listening!


One note on this however! I'm still getting the hang of my Blue Yeti microphone - so if the quality doesn't match someone like The Dice Tower, that's because I'm new to it! :P

Improvements will be made as time goes on though as I start getting more knowledgable in the subject area!