The Calm Before The Storm

Greetings fellow gamers!

Expect a video introduction coming this weekend with a explanation of why I like gaming and want to keep this blog going as well as teasers for what great items you can expect to find on Broken Meeple in the coming months as I begin my blogging journey into the realm of board games.

Just to wet your appetite a little, here are some of those items:

Full reviews of Arkham Horror including the impact of each separate expansion all the way up to Miskatonic Horror.

My storage solution for all those Arkham Horror cards and components - got it down to 4 big boxes with room to spare!

Top 5 or 10 lists on various gaming topics

My musings on particlar aspects of being a gamer or observations made at games clubs.

Other board game reviews including:
Cosmic Encounter
Small World
Cutthroat Caverns
7 Wonders

And many, many more!

Naturally comments will be welcome on these items and reccomendations/opinions are always fun to read. Just remember that the blogging journey is going to be a steep learning curve for me and no doubt improvements will be made over time to the format and presentation of the blog! I'm sure you all understand anyway!

Hope everyone in the UK is enjoying the staggering heat and I look forward to kick-starting (no pun intended!) the blog off soon!