Top 10 Story Driven Games

When I look at my games I tend to rate 9's and 10's, one thing that I have noticed is that a lot of them are what I call "scenario based" or "story driven" games. Now scenarios are more a case of me putting in the story as I play, but I love a game where there is already a story in place and you're playing through it via the game mechanics. So here are my 10 games where I feel the story is the strongest element for me enjoying them. What are your picks, I'm sure there are plenty more than the 10 here, let us know in the comments and explain why they're your chosen picks. Also I hope you like the revised transitions and lower thirds used in this video. I feel they link better to the intro style and are certainly A LOT quicker for me to edit in the post production process. 0:30 - Intro 03:36 - 10 06:15 - 9 09:37 - 8 12:38 - 7 16:19 - 6 19:00 - 5 22:00 - 4 27:12 - 3 30:11 - 2 33:46 - 1 38:21 - Honorable Mentions

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Anthology Review #5

2 games from a few years ago that have surprised me. Could I actually like a train game? Is Roll and Write over-used now? Can the Ominverse put out another classic? Find out and more besides in the next Anthology Review! Aerion - 01:18 Happy Pigs - 07:28 Corinth - 14:26 Spike - 21:54 Space Gate Odessey - 30:27 UBOOT: The Board Game - 39:36

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Podcast - S03E04 - MUSEUMS & EXPOS

Sorry for the long period without the sound of my voice.  . . . . was anyone losing sleep over that?

On today's episode, I talk about my experiences with Museum from Holy Grail Games and Downfall from Tasty Minstrel Games. Then I go over my future convention plans but focusing on my thoughts as we lead up to the UK Games Expo - has the appeal degraded for me over time or do I simply have an alternate reason for visiting compared to my early gaming days?

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Journeys In Middle Earth Review

If I could be plagued by recording issues it happened here. Light batteries failing, my microphone not working despite being plugged in, etc. Thankfully I think I managed to salvage it in the editing room so hopefully this will still be a decent video for you.

This has been getting a major divisive reaction on social media, you either hate its guts or you love it to bits. Really? I expected this from other hyped games this year, but this wasn't the game I would have picked to receive it.

So as I adventure through Middle Earth, are these reactions justified or is there a middle ground?

0:20 - Intro & Overview
05:08 - Duration
07:22 - Ease of Play
12:10 - Tactics/Strategy
17:10 - Aesthetics
20:13 - Immersion
26:58 - Longevity
33:06 - Final Thoughts

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Underwater Cities Review

Pulsar 2849 was the biggest surprise for me from last year. A bone dry point salad from an unknown designer that I ended up loving. Can this designer make lightning strike twice and produce another solid hit for me?

0:20 - Intro & Overview
03:45 - Duration
07:06 - Ease of Play
10:16 - Tactics/Strategy
14:44 - Aesthetics
18:19 - Immersion
20:33 - Longevity
25:04 - Final Thoughts

What do you think of Underwater Cities and Pulsar 2849, let me know in the comments!

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Anthology Review #4

Some real new hotness on this list of reviews. What are my thoughts on the hyped to death Wingspan? Has Portal expanded two of their best games with more greatness? Can you make a racing game outstay its welcome? Find out more in the next Anthology review!

Arkham Horror: The Circle Undone - 01:40
Wingspan - 08:35
Queendomino - 16:16
Thunder Alley - 21:34
Detective: LA Crimes - 34:40
Robinson Crusoe: Mystery Tales - 42:05

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Solo Plays - Galaxy Trucker (STEAM)

It's not my favourite game ever, but apps do have a habit of making games more accessible and at times more enjoyable. How does Galaxy Trucker in its STEAM form fare? Here's my solo runthrough!

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Top 10 Games That Scale Well

When you think about it - many games do not scale well at all. 2 - 5 players, most of the time I guarantee the two player version is bad and the 5 player version is too long and boring. It's very hard to scale a game for all players though, but I think I've found 10 good ones here to talk about.

What are your picks, I'm sure there are plenty more than the 10 here, let us know in the comments and why you believe they scale well?

I might make this the last video I use the Top 10 Transitions on. As much as they give a more professional feel, you have no idea how much longer they make editing on these Top 10's and I have to cut editing down as much as I can. So I'll likely be finding a quicker, easier alternative for future while still retaining the "quick announcement of the game" factor.

Also I'm suffering a bad hair day in this video, just pointing it out so you don't have to! ;-)

0:30 - Intro
03:26 - 10
06:45 - 9
08:46 - 8
10:55 - 7
13:21 - 6
15:44 - 5
18:01 - 4
20:33 - 3
22:45 - 2
25:05 - 1
30:01 - Honorable Mentions

What are your choices, let me know in the comments!

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The Quacks of Quedlinburg Review

Yes I don't have a great history with the games from this designer. But everyone was raving about Quacks and it won the Kennerspiel and that made me think "hang on.......Kennerspiel"??

With that category being more for strategic games I was certainly intrigued to know why a simple bag building game went in there rather than the Spiel, not that those awards are much use these days anyway other than to sell games.

So is Quacks worth all the buzz? Has Wolfgang made a genuinely good game for me? Should the catch-up mechanisms get a serious re-write?

Also I had a play around with the Lumetri Colour Correction settings on Premiere Pro for this video to try and make the colour more vibrant and warmer compared to the fairly cold normal output from the camera - did it improve it? Let me know what you think!

0:20 - Intro & Overview
04:23 - Duration
05:40 - Ease of Play
07:12 - Tactics/Strategy
12:20 - Aesthetics
15:39 - Immersion
19:27 - Longevity
21:11 - Final Thoughts

What do you think of Quacks, let me know in the comments!

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Top 10 Games I Love To Fail At

If you're confused by the title, let me explain! I try to win every game I play but winning is never important to enjoy a game as you know. However some games you'll play for hours and hours and getting beat on leaves a sour taste. However some games leave you either laughing your head off so much or with insane stories to tell, that you don't care about who wins one little bit. In some scenarios you actually think you enjoyed it more by doing badly. Yeah I know, it's a weird topic, but hopefully when you see the games it will make sense. People got uptight about doing a video that others had done (because "the internet") so if you want unique, here you go! :P Also sorry for the PSA at the start, but after recent events, it needs to be said. 0:30 - Intro & PSA re Trolls/Speech 05:14 - 10 07:32 - 9 11:12 - 8 14:30 - 7 17:22 - 6 20:05 - 5 21:56 - 4 24:06 - 3 26:20 - 2 30:46 - 1 33:50 - Honorable Mentions What are your choices, let me know in the comments!

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